Formation & Prayer

Spiritual Formation Offerings

Retreats on site: for individuals and groups, either hosted or led by the Abbey

Days of Reflection: guided retreats with a theme and time for reflection

Spiritual direction/mentoring: meetings with individuals or groups to reflect on life with God the Holy Trinity, to gain the Direction of the Holy Spirit, and to develop a 24-7 Way of Life in Him

Sacramental confession: an opportunity to be reconciled with God through using a Prayer Book Rite, offered privately with the Abbot

Prayer Gatherings

Intercessory prayer: individuals or groups praying with a specific focus

Contemplative prayer: space for quiet reflection and prayer alone or in a group

Healing prayer: appointments for individuals or families with a prayer ministry team

Soaking prayer: an extended time of healing prayer in silence

Daily prayer: morning, noonday, evening and compline prayer, offered at 8:00A, Noon, 7:00P, and 9:30P.
(call ahead in order to join us)

Lead me in the way everlasting. ~Psalm 139:24

I Am The Way, and The Truth and The Life. ~John 14:6

I worship the God of our ancestors as a follower of the Way.~Acts 24:14