The Program

Spiritual Formation Offerings

Retreats for individuals and groups, either hosted or led by the Abbey (see below)

Days of Reflection: guided retreats with a theme and time for reflection

Spiritual direction/mentoring: meetings with individuals or groups to reflect on life with God the Holy Trinity, to gain the Direction of the Holy Spirit, and to develop a 24-7 Way of Life in Him

Sacramental confession: an opportunity to be reconciled with God through using a Prayer Book Rite, offered privately with the Abbot

Prayer Gatherings

Intercessory prayer: individuals or groups praying with a specific focus

Contemplative prayer: space for quiet reflection and prayer alone or in a group

Healing prayer: appointments for individuals or families with a prayer ministry team

Soaking prayer: an extended time of healing prayer in silence

Daily prayer: morning, noonday, evening and compline prayer, offered at 8:00A, Noon, 7:00P, and 9P.
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The Abbey is pleased to offer opportunities for people to respond to Jesus’ invitation to His disciples, ‘come away with me; let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.’ (Mark 6:31).  It’s in dedicated times like this that participants are able to get in touch with God, themselves, and each other in ways that aren’t normally possible in the normal pace and places of life.

We are fully able to lead Retreats online, or, when a virus vaccine is developed, at a site of your choice.  However, in post-pandemic times, note that The Abbey itself, though within a mile of the city center, is a remarkably quiet and peaceful place for a day or overnight Retreat.

Guided Retreat:  We are able to offer a sanctified setting with specific guidance from the Scriptures and from experience on how to Retreat with Jesus.  This can be done in a partial day, day, or multi-day experience.

Hosted Retreat:  We are able to take care of the details of (online) hospitality, so that you or the leader of your choice can enter into a Retreat of your own design, either for a day, an overnight, or multi-day experience.

Home Retreat:  We would be glad to prepare materials for your personal use at home or the location of your choice, so that you can receive assistance in entering into the Presence of the Lord.  For a sample of what we offer in this regard, please click HERE.

As was the case with Peter and John, we pray that our Retreats will mean that those who meet you after your experience with us will “recognize that (you have) been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).

Lead me in the way everlasting. ~Psalm 139:24

I Am The Way, and The Truth and The Life. ~John 14:6

I worship the God of our ancestors as a follower of the Way.~Acts 24:14