The Abbey intends to open The Hermitage, a center for prayer.

We hope to welcome guests to an outdoor prayer center to be constructed in the Abbey’s back yard.  Consisting of a biblical stations of the cross, a Way of The Cross Labyrinth, a Prayer Gazebo, a waterfall pond, as well as The Abbey’s patio, gardens, and grounds, this dedicated space will offer a safe, socially-distant opportunity to meet with Jesus.  This would be a very timely offering to leaders, followers, and seekers of Jesus at a time when few sacred spaces specifically dedicated to Him are available for reflection and prayer.

When a virus vaccine is available, we hope to open an indoor prayer center located in the Abbey.  It will feature three separate spaces for prayer: a large room for group prayer (Phase 1), a smaller room for personal prayer and the arts (Phase 2), and a study room (Phase 3) for those wishing to explore God’s Word and world in a prayerful environment.  A 5-minute promotional video describing the extent of the indoor project can be viewed here .  Those wishing additional information about this aspect of the Hermitage can contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page.

For an overview of the entire project, an 11-minute video, describing the background and rationale for the Prayer Center, can be found here:

Please join us in praying that The Hermitage, both outdoors and indoors, will provide a space for believers, particularly leaders, and non-believers, to encounter the Presence of The Living God.