The Forerunners of The Way is a group of people who encourage one another in hastening revival in the church and awakening to God in the world.  Facilitated by Greg Johnson of Revive New England ( and Len Cowan of The Abbey of The Way (, the group meets monthly online to discuss and pray about revival in our region and world, and to pursue The Way of Virtue so that we can be firmly anchored in Christ before and during the season of revival that many are praying for.

We believe that God has been calling some of His People to be harbingers of that revival and awakening, forerunners leading in the pattern of John the Baptist, pointing others to the One Who is coming, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.  He has been giving them dreams, visions, or yearnings for revival, preparing them for what will be coming upon the world.  We believe that these forerunners need to come together to train and prepare spiritually to provide leadership in a season when (as happens in every revival) hell and heaven break loose simultaneously.

The Forerunners of The Wayt has been established to call together these revival leaders so that they can be encouraged, supported, and ready for Jesus.  Those who join the Fellowship will become consecrated in a community of forerunners: as we commit ourselves to pursuing Jesus in a holy way of life; as we study topics in biblical, historic revival; and as we meet monthly in-person or online for two hours to learn about revival, to grow in our Way of Life, and to pray for revival and for one another.

The need for community consecration, particularly for those called to prophetic leadership in the West, is never more apparent than now.  As Pastor Mark Sayers, author of The Disappearing Church and The Reappearing Church said in an interview, “Post-Christianity constantly offers us options and off ramps, in which we seemingly have what we enjoy about faith, but without the sacrifices and commitments. It does not demand that we become apostates but rather that we reshape our faith to suit the contours of the day, and in the process offers us the promise of tangible freedoms and pleasures for doing so. It does not challenge our faith head-on in a kind of apologetics debate; rather it uses soft power, offering a continual background hum of options and incentives which eat away at our commitments. We are offered the mirage that we can have community without commitment, faith without discipleship, the kingdom without the King. To steal and misquote T. S. Eliot’s line, our faith doesn’t disappear with a bang but with a whimper.”

So whereas in Elijah’s day the ruling power of Ahab and Jezebel were systematically assassinating the prophets, that same ruling power today is systematically neutralizing the prophetic, by luring prophets individually into a pseudo-Christianity lost of its power and witness.  As in those days of Elijah, when the majordomo Obadiah in the house of Ahab hid away 100 prophets to save them from death, so we are looking to gather 100 of today’s prophets so that we can brace one another from spiritual and ministerial death, and be prepared to assist in the revival which is coming.

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Forerunners Invitation

For further information about the Fellowship, please read on:

We are a Fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ who seek to hasten revival in the church and awakening to God in the world.  We believe we have been called to be Forerunners in prophetic leadership for present and future times of unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit of God and advancement of God’s Kingdom.  We encourage one another in being holy people of God, who live by a particular Way of Life to support our prophetic mission and identity in Christ.  We draw from the wellsprings of intimacy with God as the primary Source of our life in Christ and from the wellsprings of revival in generations past as a guide to our ministry in Him.  Our fellowship flows out from our relationship with God the Holy Trinity and with each other as co-laborers in discipleship and ministry. We are drawn together by our common yearning for revival, and by our common Way of Life.  In all of this, we wish to glorify, love and serve God ever more faithfully, to minister according to His general and particular calling to us, and to advance the influence of the Kingdom of God.

As a Fellowship we are bound together in love and obedience to Christ as outlined in Scripture and in the historic faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.  We are committed to consecration to The Lord in community.  We are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father Who has adopted us through His Son, and we are united by the One Holy Spirit Who seeks to fulfill in us the prayer of Jesus that we be one as He and the Father are One.  However, we respect each other’s conscience and our prayerful responsibility to live as God leads us individually.  We are called to particular forms of prophetic servanthood, and view this fellowship, and its rule, as tools to sharpen us for the service and advancement of God’s Kingdom.  We espouse no cause but Christ’s and the Kingdom of God.

Members who are clergy and Christian workers recognize that we have not been promoted to a higher station of spiritual privilege. Neither our ordination or commissioning, nor this society, should tempt us to separateness, exclusiveness, pride or arrogance.  All of us, in our in our faith response to the call of God, in our baptism into Christ and His Church, and in our being sent in mission, affirm God’s call to all believers to be holy people of God, pursuing the mission of Jesus in the world, and in our own lives, families, and households.

Our Purpose is …
… to become holy people, having a godly way of life, particularly evidenced in prayer;
… to increase effectiveness of our mission and ministry by working and praying in love and companionship with others;
… to practice and encourage Christ-like love among all people, especially among clergy and Christian leaders;
… to prepare ourselves and others for a coming Revival, in which we will serve as Forerunners.

The Way of Life

To help us live these purposes we have established by mutual consent a Common Way of Life, to be observed by all members, adaptable to local, ecclesiastical, and personal custom.  The Way of Life is a source of wisdom and support, a trellis to help us to grow towards the Sun of Righteousness, and a railing to keep us from falling from the Way of Christ. It is not a law requiring the mechanical doing of spiritual acts.  It is not intended to add a burden or overwhelming sense of guilt. Rather it is a gift and guide, a means of measure and encouragement to help us live and work in constant communion with the Word and Spirit of our Lord, Who alone is the Source of spiritual life and growth. The Way gently and persistently calls us in the midst of our daily routines to a life of consecration in love and obedience to our Lord.

Our Way of Life is focused on Christian virtues, attributes of Jesus that we ask the Holy Spirit to develop in us.  The spiritual practices that we adopt can put us in a place where the Holy Spirit can transform us into Christlikeness.  The virtues of this Common Way are rooted in the Virtues of God Himself, and therefore dispose us to live in an ever-deepening relationship with God the Holy Trinity.  The virtues have the One and Triune God for their origin, motive, and object.  We covenant with each other to travel together in this Way of Life, relying not on ourselves but on God’s help and each other’s as we seek to live in Him and for Him and like Him, and to hasten The Day of His Coming.  We commit to focusing on at least three of the twelve virtues, adopting practices and seeking God’s intervention in helping us to grow in that virtue.  As a Fellowship, we will be reminded of one virtue each month, beginning with Forgiveness in January and ending with Contentment in December.

We seek to be safe in the Love of God the Father as we
+     grow in the constant awareness of the Presence of Christ and the forgiveness of God The Father, attending in obedience to the Word of God written and to the inner Voice of the Holy Spirit, and practicing regular confession of sin, personally, and corporately;
+     anchor our lives in the acceptance of God The Son by participation in public worship once a week, with proper preparation before and thanksgiving after;
+     develop confidence in God as a member of the Body of Christ by

    • meeting Him daily in periods of morning and evening and night prayer, with reflection on Holy Scripture;
    • praying at or near noon, if possible, for Fellowship members by name and
    • studying and reflecting on Holy Scripture (and other spiritual reading not related to ministry) at least weekly;
    • praying for our family, friends, neighbors, parishioners, clients, co-workers, and the person or group under whose authority we serve;
    • engaging in silent meditation (including an extended period at least twice weekly);

+     seek the empowerment of God the Holy Spirit, asking to be filled with the Spirit daily and moment-to-moment, receiving His anointing in order to follow Him in mission in the world.

We seek to be shaped in the Image of Jesus Christ as we

+     engage in personal reflection with God The Eternal as we keep record of what He is saying to us and showing us, particularly about revival, and as we journal our response to Him;
+     practice regular rest with the God of Peace through keeping the Sabbath and other times for rest and recreation weekly, providing good and caring time for our families, friends, and neighbors, and dedicating a day for God monthly and a multi-day Retreat annually;
+     develop and maintain relationships with God the Holy Trinity and others, starting or taking part in communities of prayer, reflection and action;
+     renounce the attachments and ways of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and render ourselves to the Self-Emptying God through fasting, abstinence, tithing, and living simply and soberly;

We seek to serve in the Mission of the Holy Spirit as we
+    deepen our compassion with the God of Justice for the world in which we are called to minister in the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding, and teaching ministry of Christ as His ambassadors of transformation and reconciliation, seeking Him especially in the poor in body, mind, and spirit, and laboring to draw all people into God’s Kingdom;
+     develop curiosity about the God of Truth, His Word, and His world, while standing with humble conviction for Christian doctrine and biblical values through our words and actions;
+     regularly and routinely make the great confession of our trust in and need for the God of Mercy – The Lord Jesus Christ — and His Church, encouraging one another and others to dependence upon Him and His People;
+     respect the partnership and ministry of our spouse and/or household and family, living in contentment with them, with the God of Grace, and in favor with all.

We seek to become a Community of Forerunners as we
+  meet in-person or on-line once a month with the entire Fellowship for two hours to study revival both in history and in the present day, to hold each other accountable for living this Way of Life, for praying for each other, and for asking God to send revival;
+    pray for each other, and particularly those in proximity to us, seeking one or two others with whom we can be in closer fellowship;
+    live in love and peace with each other, avoiding destructive criticism, and being ready to help each other in the work of ministry and in living the Life in Christ;
+    see ourselves as responsible to each other for our efforts to live according to this Way of Life, knowing that by doing so we support one another in our weakness;
+    consult with others in this Fellowship when considering a change in ministry or setting;
+    make a written report each year in the Easter season about our life in God, and submit it to at least one other member of the Fellowship for their reflection and our encouragement;
+   invite others to explore whether God might be calling them to join us in this Fellowship as we seek to walk together in the Way of Jesus, encourage one another in holiness of life, and hasten the Day of revival.

The following prayer reflects the heart of our life and calling:
Almighty God, whom truly to know is everlasting life: Grant us so perfectly to know Your Son Jesus Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life, that we may steadfastly follow His steps in the way that leads to eternal glory, and hasten the day of His coming; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, Amen.                                Pentecost Season, 2019