The “Followers of The Way” online Community Cohort has begun, meeting monthly on third Saturdays from 10 – 11:30AM.

A group of believers has come together to meet monthly to encourage and pray for one another in the pursuit of God and of being continually reformed in the Image of His Son Jesus.  Specifically, they’ll be applying to life The Way of Virtue, a central ministry of The Abbey of The Way.  The Way is a tool for helping followers of Jesus to go deep with Him, pursuing His Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love, further defined in four sub-virtues for each of these three “theological” Virtues.  The sub-virtues are associated with particular Attributes of God from Whom all Virtue comes, and Who is accessed by various sacramental disciplines.  If you wish to explore The Way further, you can go to The Abbey’s Website (http://abbeyoftheway.us/wordpress1/the-way/).
Each month at gatherings online, the group will consider one of the twelve sub-Virtues of The Way, the Attribute of God with which it is associated, and the sacramental disciplines which can help in focusing on that Aspect of God.  In response to this attention, God will likely the associated Virtue in those who attend to Him in these ways.  Between meetings, the “homework assignment” will be to pray for each other, and to practice into the particular virtue and vision of God described n the Meeting. At each subsequent gathering, participants will  report to one another on the assignment, praying for each other in the process.  The next Virtue, Vision, and practices will be presented, for practice in the month following.
Three times a year, The Abbey will offer optional day-retreats on-site or online on each of the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love.

To inquire further, please email fatherlen@abbeyoftheway.us

Late Pentecost Day of Reflection, Saturday, October 1, 2022, 10AM-3:30PM

The day will begin with Celtic Morning prayer, including a biblical reflection.  An hour for quiet personal reflection will follow in the Abbey House or grounds, until we gather for Midday Prayer at Noon.  A delicious and Covid-conscious lunch will follow (though a BYOB option is available).  We’ll regather at 1:30 for a second time of reflection, followed by another time for quiet resting with God.  We’ll return at 2:45 for sharing the fruits of the Retreat, concluding with Celtic Evening Prayer.  The cost will be $25 for the Retreat, plus $7 for those choosing to partake of the lunch offered.

To register, please email fatherlen@abbeyoftheway.us, specifying whether you will be attending in-person or online, and whether you wish to receive the in-person lunch provided.   NOTE: in-person participants will be expected to observe COVID guidelines. Rapid tests are available for purchase at The Abbey.

Weekday Prayer Gatherings, Mondays through Fridays 

These online gatherings of 15-20 minutes feature a hymn or song, prayers from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, a Scripture reading, and time to reflect and pray together.  Using the Daily Office 2019 website (www.dailyoffice2019.com), we come together to pray the classic monastic hours of prayer.  Morning Prayer is prayed at 8AM, Midday Prayer at Noon, Evening Prayer at 7PM, Compline at 9PM.  Morning Prayer offers a powerful way to dedicate one’s day to The Lord.  Midday Prayer interrupts our work and plans, reminding us of Who is in charge.  Evening Prayer is designed particularly to be accessible to children, in case families wish to use this gathering as part of bedtime practices.  Compline Prayer is especially helpful to prepare oneself for rest and sleep.  All of these will provide a gentle and reassuring practice for centering on Jesus throughout the day and night.  To participate online by Zoom, please visit the following link, which connects to the account of The Abbey: www.tinyurl.com/zoomtheabbey.  Those with a Zoom account can join Zoom Meeting # 508  799  5011 ((The Abbey‘s phone number).  Clear instructions will appear, and you will be held in a “waiting room” until you are welcomed aboard by the host.  Those without computer access can call 929-205-6099, and enter the meeting code 508  799  5011, followed by the # sign.  No Bible, prayer book or songbook is required for those online, as everything needed is presented on your screen.  You are welcome to “audit” without praying aloud or making yourself visible online.  Those wishing to join The Abbot onsite for any of the offices are welcome to do so, but should contact him by text/phone (508-579-3442) or by email (fatherlen@abbeyoftheway.us) prior so that he is prepared to welcome you.  NOTE: in-person participants will be asked to observe current COVID guidelines.