For a reminder of Resurrection in the midst of our confinement, please join us nightly for:

The Praying Family
, Evening Prayers for individuals and families,
is being hosted by The Abbey Sundays through Fridays from 7-7:20PM.  This online gathering features a song, prayers, a brief scripture reading, and directions on reflecting briefly at home and praying together during the gathering.  This simple prayer meeting is designed for people of all ages, but particularly to include children, whom Jesus doesn’t want to prevent from coming to Him these days.  This daily liturgy will provide a gentle and reassuring practice for quieting down in the evening.  To participate by computer video, please visit the following link, which connects to the Zoom account of The Abbeywww.tinyurl.com/zoomtheabbey.  Follow the instructions to participate. Those without computer access can call 929 205 6099, and enter the meeting code 508 799 5011, the Abbey‘s phone number, followed by the # sign.

For a encouragement in The Holy Spirit in this time of disempowerment, please join us in June for:

Join us online on Saturday, June 13 as we look at The Holy Spirit descending and the Church rising, even as the culture is collapsing
.   The Pentecost Day of Reflection, held from 10AM-2PM will feature liturgical prayer gatherings, brief biblical reflections, and directions on how to rest and reflect in quiet in your home.  We’ll gather at 10AM for Celtic Morning Prayer with Scriptures on The Holy Spirit and a reflection on how to respond to an impending revival in The Holy Spirit in our day, with a quiet hour for engaging God following.  We’ll gather again at Near the end of the time, we’ll regather at Noon for Celtic Midday Prayer and a reflection on how the church rose up on the first Pentecost and might rise up in our day, with another hour for time with God thereafter.  We’ll gather one last time at 1:30 to hear from one another about how God met us and to pray for one another.  Please register to join us by emailing Fr. Len Cowan at fatherlen@abbeyoftheway.us.  Participants will go to the Abbey Zoom platform at www.tinyurl.com/zoomtheabbey.  Those without computer access can call 646-558-8656 and enter the meeting code 508 799 5011.  A donation to support The Abbey can be offered by visiting http://abbeyoftheway.us/wordpress1/calendar/ and clicking on the donate button, but is not required.  Please join us, and let others know too.