Pentecost Day of Reflection, Saturday, June 19, from 10AM – 3PM.  The church season of Pentecost is intended both to provide an opportunity to celebrate and proclaim the coming of The Holy Spirit in power, and to enter into the true freedom of the Holy Spirit.  June 19, “Juneteenth”, is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, marking the day in 1865 when the State of Texas declared freedom from slavery, leading to the adoption of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution later that year.  Therefore, the theme for our Day together will be Freedom in The Holy Spirit, not only for each of us personally, but also for all of us corporately, in the light of the bondage to sin that we and our culture continue to suffer from, particularly seen in the continuing bondage of its people of color.  We’ll gather for a Celtic Morning Prayer Service, including a brief message on the theme for the day.  This will be followed by 90 minutes of private reflection by participants in their own locations.  We will regather at Noon to reflect together on what God has been saying to us, followed by Noonday Celtic Prayer.  A second brief message on the theme will be included, followed by another 90 minutes of private reflection.  Regathering at 2:15PM for sharing the fruit coming from the day, we will conclude with Celtic Evening Prayer at 2:30PM.  A donation of $20 is suggested for the day.  To register, please email Fr. Len Cowan, at fatherlen@abbeyoftheway.us.  We’ll gather online and, depending on COVID conditions, may also have an in-person dimension simultaneously.

Daily Prayer, Mondays through Fridays

These virtual gatherings of 15-20 minutes feature a hymn or song, prayers from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, a Scripture reading, and time to reflect and pray together.  Midday Prayer is held at Noon, Evening Prayer isat 7PM, and Compline is at 9PM.  Evening Prayer is designed particularly to be accessible to children, in case families wish to use this gathering as part of bedtime practices.  All of these will provide a gentle and reassuring practice for centering during the day and for quieting down in the evening.  To participate by computer video, please visit the following link, which connects to the Zoom account of The Abbey: www.tinyurl.com/zoomtheabbey.  You don’t need a Zoom account to participate, clear instructions will appear, and you will be held in a “waiting room” until you are welcomed aboard by the host.  Those with a Zoom account can join Zoom Meeting # 508 799 5011.  No Bible, prayer book or songbook is required as everything needed is presented on your screen.  You are welcome to “audit” without praying aloud.   Those without computer access can call 929-205-6099, and enter the meeting code 508 799 5011 (the Abbey‘s phone number), followed by the # sign.