The Abbey

Father Len and Hallie Cowan serve as the Abbot and Abbess of The Abbey House and The Abbey of The Way Monastic Community.  Both are overseen by a Board of Directors.

The House

The Abbey of the Way is located in the Tatnuck section of Worcester, about 1.5 miles west of the city center.  Berwick Street is noted for its collection of stately homes, situated on an unusually quiet “L-shaped” street.  #48 was constructed in the late 19th century, in a Queen Anne style, with a significant addition created in the 1920s.  The home features high ceilings, expansive windows, generous rooms, and a large back yard.  The Cowan family has lived in the house since 1955, and the address was a frequent gathering place for city leaders and community improvement planning.  Since becoming The Abbey, such gatherings continued, but now for the express purpose of deepening the lives of Christian leaders and enhancing the influence of God’s Kingdom in the region and beyond.  Day visitors and overnight guests have reported a deep sense of God’s Presence, Peace, and Rest here.  The Abbey House is the home of Father Len and Hallie Cowan.

We’re sad that, due to the the caronavirus, the Abbey House is closed until a vaccine is developed and received.  But we’ll look forward to serving you out of this beautiful place in the meantime, in whatever place you live and/or serve God.

The Monastic Community

This community of followers of Jesus Christ give themselves to living His Gospel and serving His mission.   They support the ministry of The Abbey of The Way in building up others in Christ, particularly leaders in His Body, helping them to foster a life of prayer and spiritual formation for the building up of Christ’s Church.  They desire to grow personally and together in Christ-likeness so that, together with those The Abbey serves, they can go deeper in their life with God in order to go further in their service to Him and to others.  Though they are in separate dwellings, occupations, churches, and callings, they live a common life informed by the Abbey Way of Life, all to the glory of God.   Though they may or may not be members of The Anglican Diocese in New England, of which The Abbey is a ministry, they are in essential agreement with its doctrine and disciplines.

Some in the Community are Friends of The Abbey, a group of believers in varied locations who gather quarterly at The Abbey House (or simultaneously online) for reflection on their personal and corporate life in Christ, using The Abbey Way of Life as their guide.  At Friends gatherings they also discern how they can support The Abbey’s Ministry in the coming quarter.

Others in the community are Members of The Abbey, a small group of local believers which adopts The Abbey Way of Life for their personal, family, and community way of life.  They regularly support and assist The Abbey in its ministry of helping onsite and online guests to grow deep in Christ in order that they can go deep for Christ.  Members also share in its evangelistic and social mandate in the West Side of Worcester, participating in a Missional Community with other Small Groups in that neighborhood.  Following a protocol for pandemic protection, they gather bi-weekly at The Abbey House (or simultaneously online) for spiritual and community formation out of their common Way of Life, either for prayer and praise, for Bible Study, or for a Love Feast.  Some Members also gather weekly to view Eucharistic worship and receive Holy Communion.  Members’ gathering and serving helps them better to pursue their common mission through the Abbey and their personal mission in their world.

The Way of Life can be found on “The Way” tab of this website.