The Abbey

The Abbey Community

The Abbey Community includes leaders and followers of Jesus Christ who give themselves to living His Gospel and serving His mission.  They desire to grow personally and together in Christ-likeness so that they can go deeper in their life with God in order to go further in their service to Him and to others.  Though they live in separate locations, occupations, Christian communities, and callings, they live a common life informed by the Abbey Way of Virtue, all to the glory of God.  They support the ministry of The Abbey of The Way in building up others in Christ, particularly leaders in His Body, helping them to foster a life of prayer and spiritual formation for the building up of Christ’s Church.  Though they may or may not be members of The Anglican Diocese in New England, of which The Abbey is a ministry, they are in essential agreement with its doctrine and disciplines.  They are bound together in love and obedience to Christ as outlined in Scripture and tradition.  However, they are free under God’s Word and Authority to be diverse in our interpretations about matters of Church discipline and practice. They respect each other’s conscience and our prayerful responsibility to live as God leads us individually.  They are called to particular forms of servanthood, and view this community, and its Way of Virtue, as tools to sharpen them for the service and advancement of God’s Kingdom.  We hope that local expressions of the Abbey Community will develop in other locations, offering additional opportunities for members to be in close connection with each other and to focus on mission in their local area. 

The Abbey House

Constructed solidly and exquisitely in the 1890s, the Abbey House is set in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Worcester, Massachusetts.  It is expansively designed (4000 sq ft), has up to six separate bedrooms, a large dining room, living room, and kitchen, pantry and working fireplaces.  It has three outdoor porches for conversation, a back yard patio, a biblical Stations of the Cross and Labyrinth, as well as a Gazebo and waterfall pool.  It can accommodate an individual or small family interested in an extended stay for up to two weeks, with a small kitchenette available, and has a handicapped accessible suite and entrances.  The spiritual center of the house is with Jesus in the Oratory, a portion of the house set aside for personal, group, and online prayer.