Praying Aloud

Perhaps you recall the two times the disciples fell asleep in prayer: once when Jesus was praying on a mountain, just before He was transfigured before them; the other when He was in agony in Gethsemane.  (And of course we have that other time in Acts when young Eutychus fell asleep and fell out a second floor window while Paul preached, really long!).  I, too, know what it’s like to fall asleep in prayer.
While recently reading the preface to one of my monastic prayer books, I read that the one who reads the Psalms and prays the prayers alone should do so aloud, in order to ward off sleepiness.  And, I can tell you, it works!  And it may have an added benefit, as someone recently told me.  He described hearing as a boy his father praying aloud for him by name, and how that witness drew him close to Jesus.
So, may you and I lift up our voices, and not just our minds, to The Lord in prayer!

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