Praying seekers

This morning I was listening to the beginning of the Gospel of Luke, and was struck by the faithful prayers of Zechariah, Elizabeth, and those who served with them in the temple.  John’s parents are described as righteous in God’s sight, blameless in the observance of the Lord’s commands and decrees (1:6).  Zechariah’s service of prayer and incense in the temple of The Lord was accompanied by worshippers praying outside (1:9-10).  It’s in this context that The Lord sends the angel Gabriel to announce the birth of John, the Forerunner of The Messiah.  All this before these people became believers in the fullest sense of knowing and serving God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I wonder if there are many around us – nominal Christians, perhaps; faithful Jews, perhaps; or unlikely seekers –  whose prayers are ascending to The Throne of Grace.  And I wonder if God can use us to match their prayers, that these seekers might be as attentive as these early seekers of God to whom He chose to reveal Himself.  And I wonder if we can be close enough to help them to interpret, in the Light of God’s Word, what He is up to in our day, and theirs.

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