Praying in tight spaces

When Paul and Silas created an economic disturbance in Philippi for delivering a slave from a valuable but demonic spirit of divination, they were beaten severely and thrown into the inner cell of the city’s prison.  They were in a tight spot, behind a locked door with their feet fastened in the stocks.  Their reaction?  Prayer, and praise!  About midnight [they] were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them (Acts 16:25).  In the ensuing earthquake, Paul and Silas were not the only ones set free; so was their jailer who, probably in response to their prayer and praise, came to believe in God, he and his whole household.
When you and I get in tight spaces, wherever it may be, may it be our first call to pray about our circumstances, but also to praise God for His continued Presence, and, as the apostles did when they left the threatening presence of the Sanhedrin, for His counting us worthy to suffer disgrace for the Name of Jesus (Acts 5:41).  And may He then use our confession to set the stage for others around us to ask, as did the jailer, “what must I do to be saved?”

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