Prayer promise

Whenever we pray, it’s a good idea to check two sources:
1.  The Holy Spirit, Who desires to pray in us The Prayer of Jesus at the Father’s Right Hand, as He intercedes for us and for all in glory.  The Spirit will guide us in all things, leading us into all truth, including praying in The Truth of Him Who is The Truth.
2.  The Holy Scriptures, that are replete with unconditional and conditional promises upon which we can rest our prayers.  How about this Prayer Promise:  [Lord], You have never failed those that seek You (Psalm 9:10).  This is an astounding Promise from God, conditioned on our earnestly seeking Him.  As we do, we can be confident that He will never fail us, nor has He ever failed those who seek Him.
So as you pray today, as you seek The Lord for those situations that you are bringing before Him, be confident that He will never fail you: never has, won’t now, never will.

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