Pray at all times

The other day I was thinking about how, through the years with Jesus, prayer has become such an integral part of my life.  Hallie used to point to the difference between “having a prayer life” and “having a life of prayer”.  The one is an activity, whereas the other is the essence of life in Christ.
These thoughts came up shortly after I had been praying, and particularly so for the safety of my daughter, Betsy, who had just headed back to Boston from a visit with me at the family Cape House.  A short time after I prayed, she called me, reporting that she had hit a deer on the highway, totaled her car, had been covered with glass, but was physically unharmed.  After we talked, prayed with thanksgiving, and she got off the phone to talk with the State Police, I recalled another time of prayer, when we were all in a car accident.  When she was about 3, the four of us were driving in a snowstorm on the Mass Pike, and I lost control of the car.  As we spun around, all I can remember was praying The Name of Jesus aloud.  By His Grace, we ended up rear-ending a guardrail, coming to rest in the breakdown lane, headed against the traffic, with the girls asleep in the back seats.  In that circumstance, and in the recent one, I’m grateful that The Holy Spirit within has created a life of prayer, through which I can call on Jesus at a moment’s notice, or in routine intercession, and can see how that prayer has great effect.

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