It takes three

As I think about your praying for me and for others who have asked, I’m noting that you are “intercessors”, not just an “intercessor”.  The power in your praying is multiplied in that you do so with others, such that, whenever two or three are gathered together — and I take that term, “gathered”, somewhat more broadly than it’s original meaning, to include gathered virtually, or digitally, etc. — there is Jesus in the midst, interceding at the Right Hand of the Father.  In other words, as with Aaron and Hur, assisting Moses in his intercession for the army of Israel, “it takes three” (or even just two), to join with the Big Three in One – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – in the great work of intercession.
So, even if you’re praying alone, you aren’t, as you are joined by other humans similarly praying, echoing our Great High Priest ascended on High, and The Father with Whom He’s Praying, and The Holy Spirit Who is communicating that prayer to you.

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