A new song of praise

The other day someone asked me whether I was dreading “the holidays”, given the fact that Hallie, my wife, died earlier this year.  I did think about how I would respond.  And though I may well get ambushed by grief on either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or in-between, at the moment I feel immense gratitude.  It’s as if God has put a new song of praise in my mouth, one that I didn’t expect or see in Psalm 40:3A.  It’s the kind of new song of sorrowful praise that captive Israel may have eventually sung in Babylon, having earlier said, how can we sing the song of The Lord while in a foreign land? (Psalm 137:4).  Indeed, the praise that I’m singing now is a new song, not the happy-clappy song I might have sung back in the “better” days of our life together.  But, tinged with sadness, it is a song of praise nonetheless, made possible by the God of all Grace which He has showered upon me through all these years.  May He continue to give me that Grace to sing, so that, many will see and fear The Lord, and put their trust in Him (Psalm 40:3B).

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