Servants in Prayer

When I go to a restaurant, the best servers are those who keep track of me from a distance, not interrupting conversation and the enjoyment of the meal, constantly asking what they can do, and whether everything is OK.  Rather, their eyes seem to be constantly on me, silently anticipating my requests and my needs and responding appropriately. I tip such servers very well.

The same is true of The Lord’s Servants in prayer.  Psalm 123:2 reads, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master…so our eyes look to the Lord our God, till He shows us His Mercy.  As we pray, we look to the Lord our God, and particularly to His Hand, and His voice, watching and listening quietly for directions in prayer, and particularly for signs of His Mercy that He is asking from The Father for us., and inviting us to join in prayer.  We don’t have to barge into His Presence; we don’t have to make sure that He’s pleased with us.  We just do our service of prayer, watching, listening, and responding as He directs.

And then, perhaps, we’ll hear His Words, or sense His approval, as in “well done, good and faithful servants!”

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