Hindered Prayers

There is so much to be praying about in these hard times.  From the pandemic to racial injustice to political division to social unrest, not to mention the many tough circumstances we or those we know are in, our prayer lists are long and challenging.  It’s critical that our prayers not be hindered.  And though there’s certainly demonic opposition to our intercession, prayer hindrances generally lie in the quality of our relationships.  Peter specifically mentions the way husbands treat their wives, advocating considerate care “so that your prayers will not be hindered” (1 Peter 3:7).  So today, as you respond in prayer to the needs that The Lord brings before you, please do a relationships check, and make any necessary amends, not only so that your heart may be cleansed, and that any pain experienced by others because of you may be healed, but also so that your prayers may travel freely to and from God’s throne with speed and power, for His sake, and for ours.

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