The Greatest Seed

Our world is full of seeds, and the Bible has lots to say about them.  From creation’s seeds in Genesis, to the seed/offspring of the patriarchs and matriarchs, to the seeds planted by the sower, the word “seed” connotes something very small which, in God’s Plan, becomes something very powerful.  Jesus points to the tiny mustard seed which, when fully grown, becomes the greatest of shrubs, large enough that birds can nest in its branches, a metaphor for the seeming smallness of the Kingdom of God which, when fully manifest, will eclipse and reshape the cosmos into a glorious nest for all in Christ.

But as to the greatest seed, Jesus would point to your faith, particularly so as an intercessor.  He said, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you (Matthew 17:20).  And He validates that seed faith by becoming the Seed which, when it falls to the ground and dies…produces many seeds (John 12:24), including your seed of faith, and mine.

So today, as you approach God with your requests, both small and mountainous, may you remember the small and great seed of faith that you have been given, and may you plant it in The One Seed Whose death, resurrection, and ascension gives it tremendous and life-giving power.

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