Wrestling in Prayer

Intercession is not for snowflakes!  The work of prayer in which we engage, though it’s driven by the Power that exceeds that of the universe, is nonetheless hard work.  We know this from the example of Epaphras, a companion of St. Paul, of whom Paul says, is always wrestling in prayer for you [Colossians]  4:12.  And perhaps the same could be said of Jacob, who was left alone, and “a man” wrestled with him till daybreak (Genesis 32:24).  For we are, and they were, wrestling with God for more than just the “answers” to the prayers we and they bring before God.  As in the case of Epaphras, we wrestle with God so that, in the midst of our need, and our intercession, we and those we pray for may stand firm in all the Will of God, mature and fully assured. So thank you for being a champion in prayer, and for doing the hard work to follow His intercessory calling.

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