The intercession of the saints

In these days of isolation, anticipation, and anxiety, it is so good to believe, in the words of the most common Creed in Christendom, “in the communion of saints”.  There is this unbroken communion which we share with one another, in Jesus, that traverses the miles.  Hallie and I, largely confined here in Worcester, know that our brothers and sisters in Christ, in locations variously distant from us, are as near to us in The Holy Spirit as is The Presence of Jesus which He mediates to us all.  This communion is true not only with the saints militant — those like you who fight the Good Fight with us in this life — but also with the saints triumphant — those who have received the crown of glory and reign in eternity with our Lord.  And that communion includes prayer, not only from you who are in this life with us, but also from the saints who are in the face-to-Face Presence of Christ Jesus.  For though we would have to disagree with those who interpret this “intercession of the saints” as their serving as special mediators between us and God (a Role only held by Jesus), we nonetheless are grateful that the saints in heaven no doubt join in the Intercession there of The One Who lives to make intercession for us, and for you (Hebrews 7:25).  So join us in giving thanks that in our loneliness we are indeed surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, earthly and heavenly, who are praying for us.  May The Lord bless you with a sense of that communion of saints as you intercede along with all of them and, most importantly, with The Holy One Himself. And thank you for being among their number.

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