During these specific 10 days between Easter and Pentecost, 2 Millenia + ago, the disciples knew that they were to wait for The Holy Spirit to come, with power.  They were told to stay in the city, and not to move on the Great Commission which Jesus gave them to go into all the world.  They were largely confined to the Upper Room, socially isolated, in prayer, waiting for Phase 1 of their re-entry into the world in their new ministry …

Sound familiar?  We have been confined, waiting for what, we hope, will be some kind of return to normal, Phase 1 of our pandemic-recovery life. We’re all aware, of however, that it will be what many are calling “a new kind of normal”, something smaller or at least different from what we were used to.

Many of us are also waiting for an outpouring of The Holy Spirit, God’s Consolation in the midst of this desolation.  Some of us had the sense, Hallie and I for decades, that this revival would be accompanied by some kind of terrible devastation.  Now that we know what that devastation might be (and more might be coming still), we’re expecting God to do something amazing, even as we pray it will involve the healing and saving of many, many lives. The question is, will we stay put in Christ, waiting on Him for the sending of His Holy Spirit to heal, deliver, save, and restore?  Or will we rush out in our own strength, either to recover our lost lives (and thereby potentially lose them and take others with us), or to try to save this hurting world (and thereby potentially adding to its pain). Or will we wait on The Holy Spirit to come, in small whispers, or in a great rush of wind, and respond accordingly?

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